21 days to discover your best self and change your world

Want to discover your purpose & your unique talents?
Want to find out how to use them to change your life?
Want to create more value, for yourself, for the people you care about, for the planet? 
Then, this journey is for you!

You hold within you the power, the talents and the confidence to change your life and your world. Yes, yes, you do! And if you doubt that, then this journey is for you! 

Join our 21-day online journey to discover how to set meaningful objectives, break your limiting cycles and create positive change. For you and for all the people you care about. 

Everyday, during 21 days, you will receive articles, podcasts, videos and challenges to complete. On your computer or on your smartphone. With the online support of our team of professional coaches. 

In just 15 minutes per day, you will learn concrete tools to coach yourself to find your potential, unleash it, and do good around you. 



What will you learn?

  • Find your purpose in life,
  • Discover your unique talents and how to use them,
  • Connect & communicate better with others,
  • Set healthy boundaries,
  • Create sustainable change,
  • Manage your time and priorities,
  • Learn how to co-create,
  • Change your world,
  • And many other personal development topics. 

Who am I?

My name is Marjolaine Gailly and I am the founder of PeterLily, but also of 3 other companies. As a behavioral psychologist, business coach & leader, I have been coaching people, teams and organizations since nearly 15 years now to transform themselves to give their very best by discovering their talents, unleashing their hidden potential, to create more value and make a difference for the world. I’m passionate about people’s potential and I believe that each of us has a unique power to change the world. And most of all that this power lies within each of us. My mission is to help you reconnect you with it and provide you the tools you need to help you create your greater impact. For yourself. For the people you care about. For the generations to come. 

Exclusive offer until January 31st, 2020 !

"I started the "You can fly!" 21day online program. It's very professional, easy to follow and motivating! It helped me to find my morning routine again. The perfect way to start 2020! Thank you Marjo"

Segolene C.

"I'm really happy to follow this 21-day online program. It's inspiring, to the point and with a lot of personal stories that I like! Looking forward to what's coming. "

Valérie G.
Leadership & Management Coach

"Marjolaine is a great HR professional. She's talented, always enthusiastic, intelligent, kind, eager to learn and people-oriented. Marjolaine is the woman with the greatest potential I've ever seen. I've never met someone like her. She has always been there to support me in my new function... I hope I'll have the pleasure to work with her again in the future."

Karen A.

"Marjolaine is a rare combination of professionalism and inspiration to others. She's passionate and 100% devoted to her job. She's been a great resource for me and I really appreciate her expertise and our collaboration. It’s always a pleasure working with her. "

Lindsey D.S.

"Majolaine's enthusiasm and entrepreneurship are a real asset. She drives her projects and manages to convince her colleagues to embark on the same journey. She has very innovative ideas and a clear view to the future. It has been an extraordinary pleasure to work with her!"

Marguerite V.G.
HR Specialist

~ You can fly ~

21-day online self-coaching journey 


to unleash your best self,
to create more value for you and the people you care about,
to bring joy and meaning in our jobs and businesses,
to help make this world a better place,
for the generations to come.


All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust. ~ Peter Pan 


10% of all sales go to our social impact fund, with a first project in alternative education with Sorène in Belgium, a zero waste and school of nature. 


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